Friday, March 27, 2015

Using CCTK to configure BIOS settings during Configmgr 2012 OSD, Part1 - Clearing BIOS Passwords

Edit: Updated photo's and instructions to account for 64bit boot image environment

I had started writing a post about using Dell CCTK to configure BIOS settings during an OSD task sequence but never finished it. When I went back to complete the post months later I found that Dell had come out with a new set of tools and CCTK is now part of these tools, the Dell Client Command Suite. I looked at the new CCTK, or Dell Command | Configure, and found it much the same as it was before.

This walkthrough is part one of three, were I will show you how we do following in a deployment task sequence:
1) Remove any old BIOS password from a list of passwords
2) Set a standard BIOS password.
3) Set the BIOS settings we want.

Acquire the Dell Command | Configure Software:
Download Dell Command | Configure from the link off the Dell Client Command Suite page.
Install the Update Package on your workstation so you can make configuration files.
You will find a new program called Configuration Wizard with the Dell icon, or you can run it from Program Files (x86)\Dell\Command Configure\cctkgui.exe.

Create the clear bios password(s) script:
In our environment we had different bios passwords in use, we decided to all use the same standard password. As such, when reimaging a machine, in order to change its bios settings we need to know or clear that password. So we created a script to go through all our known bios passwords. It's a simple bat file. Add a line for each password in your environment, We have about 20 in there:

cctk --setuppwd=  --valsetuppwd=password1
cctk --setuppwd=  --valsetuppwd=password2
cctk --setuppwd=  --valsetuppwd=password3
cctk --setuppwd=  --valsetuppwd=password4

Call this script clear.cmd and put it on your source directory along with the cctk.exe program from Program Files (x86)\Dell\Command Configure\X86_64 folder, our just copy the Dell Command Configure folder to your source since that's easiest.

Create a Package in Configmgr, you do not need to create a program for this, but you will select the location above as your source:

Next in your deployment task sequence you will need to identify where you will do the Bios password clears and set during deployment. We clear the passwords and set our standard one early on, right after partitioning and formatting the disk.
Create a Run Command Line step with the follow command line:
xcopy.exe ".\*.*" "x:\CCTK\X86_64\" /E /C /I /Q /H /R /Y /S

Then enable the HAPI drivers with another Command Line:
x:\CCTK\X86_64\HAPI\hapint -i -k C-C-T-K -p X:\CCTK\X86\HAPI\

Next create a Run Command Line to run your clear passwords script:

In the Command Line section put the name of the clear script you created. This will call the script, which will run cctk.exe with each password in your list and attempt to clear the bios password.
After the bios password has been cleared we install the OS, update the bios, configure the bios settings and set a standard password.

Stay Tuned for Part 2, Setting Bios Settings.