Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Using CCTK to configure BIOS settings during Configmgr 2012 OSD, Part3 - Configure BIOS settings

This is part three of a three part post about using CCTK in task sequence deployments. The first post, how to clear BIOS passwords is here. The second, how to set a BIOS password is here.

If you haven't already, you will need to acquire the Dell Command | Configure Software:
Download Dell Command | Configure from the link off the Dell Client Command Suite page.
Install the Update Package on your workstation so you can make configuration files.
You will find a new program called Configuration Wizard with the Dell icon, or you can run it from Program Files (x86)\Dell\Command Configure\cctkgui.exe.

Create the configuration executable:

Run the cctkgui.exe software. We are going to create a Multiplatform Package which we are going to use this to try to set BIOS settings on all Dell systems.
For our settings, I want to set the boot order, enable smart errors, set standbystate to S3, controlwlanradio to enable, wakeonlan to enable, tpm to enable, and tmpactivation to activate.

Set whatever settings you want in your environment. You should always test to make sure the settings are what you are expecting.
Choose Export config to save it as a .cctk config file so later you can open it and view the configurations. Then click Export .exe to create the executable file you will be using to set the bios settings during deployments. If you have a standard bios password you can enter it when you create the executable. I use a password, which I showed you how to set it in part 2. Since this executable has the password in it, I can also use it to deploy to existing machines to set the BIOS of machines that have this password set in the wild. You can of course create the configuration executable without a password and apply it first and then set a BIOS password later in the task sequence if you wish.

Find the executable you created and copy it to your Configmgr source or some other location that the task sequence will have access to during deployment. I stick it in the same source as the Dell Command Configure. In your task sequence create a Run Command Line step and call it "BIOS Config - Dell Configs". Put this step sometime after the Setup Windows and Configuration Manager step. The "BIOS Configs - Dell Configs" step must occur after the task sequence has taken the computer into Windows and out of WinPE.

The Command line is the name of the executable you created earlier. Select the Package you put the executable in.
There you have it, clearing BIOS passwords, Setting a BIOS password, and Configuring the BIOS settings all in a deployment.

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