Friday, April 17, 2015

Using CCTK to configure BIOS settings during Configmgr 2012 OSD, Part2 - Set a standard BIOS password

This is post two of a three part post. Post one about clearing BIOS passwords is here.

When I set the password, I do it right before the Setup Windows and Configuration Manager step so it still happens in WinPE.
You may want to make sure you do an xopy CCTK and Enable HAPI step again, just in case the computer rebooted since the last time you did those steps. Those steps are described in Part 1 of this post.

The command line for the BIOS Config - Set Password is
x:\CCTK\X86_64\CCTK.exe --setuppwd=password
where password is the standard password you want to set your BIOS's too.

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