Tuesday, March 19, 2019

SCCM Clients show as Decommissioned, do not appear in the Console

We had some trouble in one of our labs a few years back, and more recently with a single computer which prompted me to dig up my notes and blog about this issue, where the SCCM clients looked like they are working fine on the local computers, but the computer objects never showed up in the ConfigMgr Console. After ruling out boundary issues I found if I ran Active Directory System Discovery, the computers would show up in the console and look like they didn't have clients installed. The next time the client checked in the computer object would disappear from the console. Reinstalling the client and even re-imaging the computer did not fix the issue. I started to think this was a database problem.

I started digging around some and found that all the computers with this issue had Decommissioned0=1 in the System_DISC table! Once I changed Decommissioned0 to 0 instead of 1 the computers started showing up in the console. How they got into a decommissioned state I have no idea and I haven't found any docs on it.

Here are the steps I used to resolve the issue.
First verify if you have the problem, get the computers SMS Unique Identifier from the computer, one place to find it is \\computername\c$\Windows\SMSCFG.INI

Query the SQL database on your site server to see if that computer has Decommissioned0 set to 1.
Replace the GUID: with the GUID: numbers of the computer you are troubleshooting.

Result will look like this, note that Decommissioned0 is 1:

Now just set it to 0 with the follow SQL:

begin tran
update System_DISC
set Decommissioned0 = '0'
where SMS_Unique_Identifier0 = 'GUID:4c4c544-0031-4B10-8035-B6C04F333832'

commit tran

Caution: I should mention that directly modifying the SCCM database is probably frowned upon by Microsoft Support. You might want to take a backup of it first.