Thursday, April 4, 2019

Missing Software in Software Center

In ConfigMgr 1710 Microsoft added support for high definition Icons in Software Center for up to 512x512. These icons are larger file sizes than the old blurry icons of course. So when updating our Icons in Software Center to new higher resolution icons, we ran into a problem where software center would not show all applications. The number of Applications shown would change depending on which View you selected. (it was probably just showing Cached Icons). 
Looking at the errors in SCClient_.logs we saw errors saying
"GetApplicationsAsync: Server was unable to process request. ---> The maximum message size quota for incoming messages has been exceeded."

There is a web.config file that controls the  "MaxReceivedMessageSize" that the web service uses, which by default is 5000000 bytes (5MBs). Once this threshold is reached, the problem occurs. We have lots of Apps with icons deployed through Software Center, so once we started using higher resolution icons we ran into this issue.
You can change the web.config file and increase the max message size. BUT BE WARNED that as of 1810, these settings are reset when ConfigMgr is upgraded. So you must got back in and change it again or Software Center will not work again. I make a note to do this as part of my upgrade process.

The location of the file on your site server is normally C:\Program Files\SMS_CCM\CMApplicationCatalog\Web.config. You will have to run Notepad or its equivalent as an administrator to open the file.

Make a backup before changing.

On our system, I just added a 1 to make it 15000000 (15MBs) for now. 

A replacement for the way Apps are delivered is in the works by the ConfigMgr team:

So until then, if you have this problem, don't forget to set the maxRecievedMessageSize each time you upgrade.